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Moscow Russia - In the past years Moscow has become a hot spot for new travellers that are searching for new destinations. Moscow offers luxury and history mixed with a new and old style of Russian life.

With a fast growing economy, Moscow has become a dynamic place to visit.
New bars and restaurants are open daily for the joy of all young Moscow partiers.

To the home of many new bilionaires, Moscow is second to New York in offering all kinds of entertainment and relaxation.

In addition to luxury hotels and expensive dining, Moscow offers many Hostels and cheap restaurants such as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Kazskistan cuisines and many more for every taste.

In touring Moscow, you can also visit the Kremlin and the St. Basil Cathedral.

fascination place that you must see are the Metro Stations, all different and unique.

Many other stuff to see or to enjoy.

Moscow can be a good base to start your Trans-Siberian Railway Train Tour that cross all Russia to arrive to Vladivostok.

City: Moscow
Country: Russia
Published on 06-Mag-2008
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