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May 2008 Events

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Whats going on in Europe in May 2008, Events, Sports, Festivals, book your hostel in advance to avoid surprices and be on the scene.

2 May - Naples - Italy - Museum under open Sky

3 May - Rome - Italy - Internazionali di Tennis

7 May - Helsinki - Finland - Contemporary Circus Festival

9 May - Vienna - Vienna Festival

9 May - Copenhagen - Denmark - Carneval

10 May - Amsterdam - Netherlands -National Windmill Day

12 May - Basel - Switzerland - Action Painting

16 May - Istambul - International Theatre Festival

13 May - London - England - Suprems in a Exposition

14 May - Cannes - France - Cannes Film Festival

20 May - London - England - Chelsea Flower Show

21 May - Rome - Italy - Vasco Rossi concert

23 May - Bucharest - Romania - Biennale for Internatinal Contemporary Art

29 May - Bruxelles - Belgium - Jazz Marathon

City: Vienna
Country: Austria
Published on 04-Mag-2008
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