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United States of America Facts

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Without a doubt, America is a country of its own. One of the largest countries on earth, it is in fact one of the most diverse. It has everything any traveler would wish, sunny beaches in California, snow capped mountains in colorful Colorado, unbelievable nightlife in Chicaco and New York, gambling in Las Vegas, anything you want to do is possible here.
Americans are generous people and have a great interest for foreigners. Every story in America is different every time you go. Indulge in the most fabulous of nations and see with your own eyes what everyone dreams to see.

United States of America Facts

Area: 9.629.091 Km²

Population: 281.422.000

Density: 29 pop/Km²

System of government: Presidential Federal Republic

Capital: Washington (572.000 pop., 7.610.000 urban aggl.)

Major cities: New York 8.010.000 pop. (21.200.000 urban aggl.), Los Angeles 3.695.000 pop. (16.370.000 urban aggl.), Chicago 2.896.000 pop. (9.160.000 urban aggl.), Houston 1.954.000 pop. (4.670.000 urban aggl.), Philadelphia 1.518.000 pop. (6.190.000 urban aggl.), Phoenix 1.321.000 pop. (3.250.000 urban aggl.), San Diego 1.223.000 pop. (2.815.000 urban aggl.), Dallas 1.189.000 pop. (5.220.000 urban aggl.), San Antonio 1.145.000 pop. (1.592.000 urban aggl.), Detroit 951.000 pop. (5.455.000 urban aggl.), San Jose 895.000 pop., Indianapolis 792.000 pop. (1.607.000 urban aggl.), San Francisco 777.000 pop. (7.040.000 urban aggl.), Jacksonville 736.000 pop. (1.100.000 urban aggl.), Columbus 711.000 pop. (1.540.000 urban aggl.), Austin 657.000 pop. (1.250.000 urban aggl.), Baltimore 651.000 pop., Memphis 650.000 pop. (1.136.000 urban aggl.), Milwaukee 597.000 pop. (1.690.000 urban aggl.), Boston 589.000 pop. (5.820.000 urban aggl.), Nashville 570.000 pop. (1.231.000 urban aggl.), El Paso 564.000 pop. (680.000 urban aggl.), Seattle 563.000 pop. (3.555.000 urban aggl.), Denver 555.000 pop. (2.582.000 urban aggl.), Charlotte 541.000 pop. (1.499.000 urban aggl.), Fort Worth 535.000 pop., Portland 529.000 pop. (2.265.000 urban aggl.), Oklahoma City 506.000 pop. (1.083.000 urban aggl.)

Ethnic majority: White 75,1%, Black 12,3%, Asiatic 3,6%, Amerindian 0,9%, others 8,1%

Border countries: Canada NORTH and EAST (Alaska), Mexico SOUTH, Cuba (US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay) NORTH

Principal mountains: Mount McKinley 6194 m

Principal rivers: Mississipi-Missouri-Red Rock 5970 Km, Yukon 3185 Km (total, with canadian tract), Rio Grande 3060 Km, Arkansas 2348 Km, Colorado 2333 Km, Ohio-Allegheny 2102 Km, Red River 2080 Km

Principal lakes: Lake Michigan 58.016 Km², Lake Superior 53.400 Km² (U.S. part, total 82.100 Km²), Lake Huron 23.600 Km² (U.S. part, total 59.600 Km²), Lake Erie 12.900 Km² (U.S. part, total 25.700 Km²), Lake Ontario 8.960 Km² (U.S. part, total 18.960 Km²), Great Salt Lake 4.662 Km²

Principal islands: Hawaii Island 10.432 Km², Kodiak 9.293 Km², Prince of Wales 7.073 Km², Chicagof 5.445 Km², St. Lawrence 5.135 Km²
Climate: Temperate, Artic (Alaska), Tropical (Florida and Hawaii), Arid

Language: American english (official), Spanish (official like 2ª language in New Mexico)

Religion: Protestant 56%, Catholic 28%, Hebrew 2%, other 14%

Currency: US Dollar (USD)

Dependences: Puerto Rico (9104 Km², 3.937.000 pop.), Navassa (5,2 Km², 0 pop.), Virgin Islands (352 Km², 122.200 pop.), Baker Island (1,4 Km², 0 pop.), Guam (549 Km², 157.500 pop.), Howland Island (1,6 Km², 0 pop.), Jarvis Island (4,5 Km², 0 pop.), Johnston Atoll (2,8 Km², 970 pop.), Kingman (1 Km², 0 pop.), Northern Mariana Islands (477 Km², 74.600 pop.), Midway Islands (6,2 Km², 0 pop.), Palmyra (11,9 Km², 0 pop.), American Samoa (200 Km², 67.100 pop.), Wake Island (6,5 Km², 0 pop.)

Fixed public holidays: 1/1, third monday of january and february, last monday of march, 14/6, 4/7, first monday of september, second monday of october, 11/11, fourth thursday of november, 25/12

Dialling code: 001 - Hawaii: 001-808

GMT: -5

World Heritage List:

Mesa Verde (1978)
Yellowstone (1978)
Everglades National Park (1979)

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