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South America

Bolivia has a wonderful variety of things
for visitors to see and do.


Pre-Colombian civilizations such as Tiwanaku and the Incas have
left their mark in Bolivia. Later, between 1500 and 1825, the Spanish established
a colony in Alto Peru which is now modern Bolivia. The Cerro Rico was the Spanish
Empire's most important silver and tin mine and during the 1600s, Potosí was the
largest city in the Americas.

The Andes

One of the world's most important and interesting range of mountains divides in
Peru and Bolivia to form the inmense Altiplano, or high plain. At the edge of
the Altiplano sits Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake on earth.


Bolivia is the most indigenous country in the world. Its folklore is amazing.
Visitors are fascinated by Andean dance, music, and costumes. In the rural areas,
Quechuas, Aymaras, Guaranis, and other native peoples maintain their customes, cultures,
languages, and way of life much as they did in the past.

Climatic Zones

Since Bolivia is near the equator, when the high altitudes of the western half of the
country give way dramatically to the eastern lowlands (Oriente) of the Amazon basin, the
scenery is spectacular. Visitors can pass through several climatic zones from alpine to
subtropical in a matter of hours.

National Parks

The underdevlopment of Bolivia has ironically allowed the country to preserve
its ecological wonders. National Parks such as Madidi, Noel Kempff, and Torotoro have pristine
flora and fauna unmatched anywhere in the world.


Nightlife is very happening and bustling in Bolivia. There are numerous night clubs, pubs, bars,
discos and many others. For all the party people, Bolivia is the ideal place to be. The well stocked
bars are the ideal place, where you can sit back and relax with a glass of refreshing drink.


Shopping can be a great idea during your trip to Bolivia. You can go on a shopping spree and buy a wide
array of articles. There are various local shops and markets that sell wide array of articles. Do not miss
out the witches market in La Paz, which happens to be the most popular market in Bolivia. From the various
shops of Bolivia, you can buy wood carvings, llama, jewelry, alpaca blankets, costume jewelry, gold and
silver jewelry and Indian handicrafts.

City: La Paz
Country: Bolivia
Published on 18-Apr-2008
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