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On the 1st of April 2008, we,, will launch the “i-Decorate” contest, sending young European artists, of 18 years and over, all over Europe. We want to give you, as an artist, the chance to make art abroad and thus expanding your artistic horizons! Send us your ideas or images of your work and maybe you can travel Europe and bring your artwork alive in one of the i-Hostels. For more information, check

How does the contest work?

Visit and register for the contest. It's very easy and fast; just send us:

 your contact details,

 a short biography,

 a maximum of 4 images of your art work,

 a link to your website

 a sketch of the idea you would like to create in the i-Hostels.

After registration, you will be added to a participants list, which you can find on Once you are on that list, the i-Hostels can select you and invite you to decorate one or more of their rooms. All practical agreements will be made between you and the hostel. Moreover, our contest guarantees you free accommodation, food and drinks and a refund of the necessary art materials. Depending on the hostel, a refund of travel expenses and artist fee might be granted.

This is your chance to travel Europe and celebrate your passion for art!

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