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The Red Light District,


Many people know this wonderful city for its famous Coffee Shops, where we can buy and consume marijuana, and for most of the sexual streets, The Red Light District, but the truth
is that Amsterdam is much more than that. Amsterdam offers us and makes us fall in love with its various activities, the exotic nature of its streets and the cultural secrets it hides.
This city is made to get to know by walking, cycling and by boat through its beautiful streets, bridges and of course, the most flowery canals. All done with love to discover the heart of the Dutch capital in the best way.

Bellow, you will find some of the curiosities and places which made Amsterdam such a special city.

And, it is when you are walking into the streets, the first thing you can notice is not how many flower dress in color the city most of the time of the year but also the peculiarity of the architecture in the oldest buildings. What is so special? Well, the special thing about the buildings are their shape. Over the year the base of the buildings are not as stable as they were in their beginning, one of the reasons might be that Amsterdam and actually, the whole country was built above the level of the sea. So, as a result of this “phenomenon”, we can find in the present buildings inclined in all the possibles ways. All harmoniously adapted with the rest of the panorama.

Among so many beautiful paths is hidden Begijnhof, a courtyard near the Spuiplein Square, where you can enjoy a tour of black and white houses, in which only women of Catholic faith were allowed to live in the Middle Ages, and where at present it is still an exclusive place for women but for other reasons that if you wish you must discover it personally.
One of the most visited places in the cultural Dutch capital is Ana Frank House Museum and Van Gogh Museum, where you could soak up the history and culture of Holland.

Another place that you can enjoy is the Market of Flowers which is floating above the canal named Singel and where also you can see all the traditional and touristic stores. In there you can buy typical different kind of cheeses and last but not least many places to buy the best CHOCOLATE from the city.

Do not forget to visit The Red Light District, one of the freest and exotic neighborhood well known for its popularity about its freedom towards prostitution, drugs and sexual amusement.

Finally, two wonderful places to stand out in Amsterdam:
In the South, Vondelpark, a park that is open all year round and is famous for being one of the most spacious and beautiful places where you can enjoy from a picnic with friends or family to public concerts and more. And for those who look for something out of the ordinary, move away from the center and discover something else, North Amsterdam invites you to enjoy a more alternative cultural part, NDSM Wharf. Open terrain close by an industrial area next to the river IJ, where you can find buildings where art flows, graffiti from many different artists, nice music, chill out bars and an environment to enjoy and even have a refreshing swim.

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