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Founded by the Vikings at the beginning of the 9th century, the Irish capital has been a stage of wars and conflicts up to managing to define their own identity in the 20th century. Thanks to their past, Dublin is today the modern and rich capital in history capable of captivating visitors with the mixing of the most deep-rooted Gaelic traditions and a constant adjustment to the modern world.

Here you have five activities you can do to discover this fantastic city:

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Dublin. Built in honour of Ireland’s patron saint between 1220 and 1260, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral offers visitors a rich and compelling cultural experience and is one of the few buildings left from medieval Dublin. It is also known as The National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin.  Founded in 1191, it is the larger of Dublin’s two Church of Ireland cathedrals, and with its 43-metre (140 feet) spire is the largest church in Ireland. It is also known as The National Cathedral and Collegiate Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin.  Founded in 1191, it is the larger of Dublin’s two Church of Ireland cathedrals, and with its 43-metre (140 feet) spire is the largest church in Ireland. Guided tours of the Cathedral happen regularly throughout the day or a free App can be used for self-guide purpose.

Guinness Storehouse, is right up there as the most popular visitor attraction in the whole of Ireland. Offering an absolutely unique chance to experience the history behind Ireland’s most famous export, the storehouse is a great destination for anyone visiting Dublin city whether you want to learn about the city’s history or just see one of the country’s most exciting attractions. You will discover what goes into the making of each and every pint, and learn about the incredible brand history stretching over 250 years.

Temple Bar, is located in the heart of Dublin and close to all the main attractions. Is one of the most popular pubs in the district, and with good reason. Choose between a fine selection of local craft beer, as well as the usual international fare, and relax in the company of high quality traditional Irish musicians who play popular staples. Given the pub’s popularity, musicians are carefully chosen, so only the best will be performing. Established in 1840, this pub is among the most frequently visited and photographed in the country

The Old Jameson Distillery, set in the heart of Dublin, a visit to the Old Jameson Distillery is so much more than just a tour, it is an exciting and engaging experience, guaranteed to enlighten and entertain any visitor. Relive the story of John Jameson and Son through the history, the atmosphere and above all the taste. You will discover the time honoured secret of how three simple ingredients, water, barley and yeast, are transformed into the smooth golden spirit that has always been and continues to be Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Dublin Castle, is situated in the very heart of historic Dublin, stands on the ridge on a strategic site at the junction of the River Liffey and its tributary the Poddle, where the original fortification may have been an early Gaelic Ring Fort. For more than 700 years, from 1200 until the formation of the Irish Republic in 1921, it was the centre of the English colonial administration in Ireland. A sprawling complex of historic buildings from between 930 and 1830, it offers a unique crash course in Irish history.

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