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New York City Never Sleeps

Busy City of the USA

New York, the "Big Apple", is the city that never sleeps. No matter the time of day (or night) you will find plenty to do. If you want to see famous monuments or broadway shows, the city will keep you busy.

Times square is filled with lights than stay on all night. Surrounded by shops and restaurants, it will keep you busy for hours.

Grand Central Terminal features beautiful architecture and decoration. The nlue ceiling inside has fiber optic cables to display zodiac constellations.

The 9/11 memorial and museum pays tribute to victims of the tragedy that struck the city in 2001. The two reflecting pools lie in the foundations of the old World Trade center buildings, and contain the name of every victim.

Check out one of the many famous Broadway musical shows. Current favorites include the Book of Mormon, Fiddler on the Roof, and Chicago.

Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the best in the world. You will find Roman and Greek sculptures, African and Asian exhibits, as well as an entire Egyptian temple.

For the most beautiful view, visit the top of the Empire State Building - the tallest in New York. Two observations decks will let you see far and wide.

Walk or bike through Central Park for a change of pace. The bridges, hills, and ponds make for a beautiful scenery.

The statue of liberty is an icon of the city. A gift from France in 1886, it is well known as the first welcome sight for immigrants to the United States.

Coney Island is a great place for both kids and adults. Full of rollercoasters, fun and games, it is a good way to take a break from sight seeing. Grab some carnival style food, like hot dogs, and funnel cakes, for treat.

The 1.5 mile High Line park on an old, unused railroad track is full of gardens, and water features for a nice walk through the busy city.

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