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South Korea, Unique place on Earth

Ancient/modern Seoul

Seoul is the largest metropolis of South Korea. The capital city contains five UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The "Palace Greatly Blessed by Heaven", known as Gyeongbokgung, has the longest and most history of any Korean palace.

Seoul's main historical museum is very large and very interesting. It exhibits each segment of the city's fascinating past, from the Stone Age to present times.

See the digital D'Light, located inside the headquarters of Samsung Electronics, the most international company. It's stuffed full of televisions, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets from Samsung's past, present and future.

Be sure to visit the Seoul Museum of Chicken Art. The private collection reveals different portrayals of the humble chicken through culture and art.

The Kimchi Field Museum specialises in everything to do with Korea's spicy national dish and you get to learn how to make the stuff yourself.

The Noryangjin fish market is 6,000 square metres. Start with the wholesalers auctioning off their catches during the early hours of the morning, then follow the sellers to their shops.

The market area known as Dongdaemun has about 20 shopping malls, and more than 30,000 individual shops. The action takes place over a number of city blocks, both in and outdoors.

Lotte World is a colossal theme park, the largest indoor one in the world. There's also an outdoor section: Magic Island, connected to the indoor area by monorail.

Held every few weekends, the Silent Disco is a silent walking party starting from the Norita park. Only the first 300 to arrive get headphones. Then there's Dialogue in the Dark, which takes place in the Vertigo building.

You must visit "the scariest place on earth", A four-kilometre-wide strip of land that divides the communist North and democratic south. It's known as the Demilitarized Zone but is by far the most heavily fortified border on the planet. To enjoy the full experience, you'll have to take a tour.

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