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Inspirational Boston, USA

A part of History

Boston is the 24th largest city in the United States. It is one of the oldest cities, Boston was founded by settlers from England. It was the scene of several key events of the American Revolution.

America's oldest botanical garden, as well as Victorian-style monuments and statues are located in the heart of the city.
One of Boston's most iconic experiences for all ages is riding around the lake on the famous Swan Boats.

The Freedom Trail isn't the only historical walk. You can as well enjoy the Black Heritage Trail, the Women's Heritage Trail and the Irish Heritage Trail.

The Boston Public Library is actually two libraries. The original structure is now the research library, while an extension acts as a general library.

The iconic red brick of Harvard's walls contains striking architecture. Each Saturday, there is 3 free student-led tours.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology's campus is of special interest to fans of modern and postmodern architecture. In addition, the campus displays hundreds of sculptures and art installations by artists such as Pablo Picasso.

The Mapparium, the world's largest walk-in globe, is among the city's landmarks. It's a three-story model of the globe built to scale.

Every Wednesday night, the Coit Observatory at Boston University opens up its facilities for free public viewings of the stars.

The Symphony Hall is home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Pops Orchestra. It's the all-important acoustics of the original interior design that have made it one the world's top auditoriums.

If you love animal, The Franklin Park Zoo and New England Aquarium's Giant Ocean Tank, a gigantic coral reef, is for you. Whatever your feelings about zoos, you have to admire Franklin Park's mission to inspire people to protect and sustain endangered species.

On Castle Island, you will not only find the famous Fort Independence but beaches, bike paths, fishing grounds and picturesque views. It's a good spot for an all-day picnic.

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