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Audacious Belgrade

Serbian Heritage

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and was previously the one of Yugoslavia. Its name translates to White city.

One of the most important prehistoric cultures of Europe, the Vinca culture, evolved within the Belgrade area.

Located in the center of Belgrade, Republic Square is where the most recognizable public buildings can be found, such as the National Museum and National Theatre, and where concerts are hosted from time to time.

The Victor of Kalemegdan is a 14 meter high monument. It is the city's most recognizable landmark located at the famous Belgrade Fortress. You will admire breathtaking views of the two rivers of Belgrade. Belgrade Fortress is really one of the most beautiful places in Europe with its Kalemegdan Towers.

The Church of Saint Sava is one of the most beautiful buildings in Serbia. This place is really attractive among tourists as well as residents.

Travel back in time at Princess Ljubica's House. Situated a few minutes on foot from the city centre this surprisingly large house takes you back to the Ottoman Empire. It was converted into a museum and houses ornaments, furniture, books, clothes, portraits, landscapes, glasses, medals, and so much more.

The Mikser House is an unique place of Old Belgrade. There, you will find everything and anything from workshops, and urban boutiques to prime spots for the most entertaining events and concerts.

Once known as a home of bohemians, Skadarlija street is full of people that want to experience the spirit of Belgrade. It has beautiful promenades, famous traditional taverns and restaurants, and it is a place where the true history of Belgrade can be felt.

If you love food, there is a great market, Kalenic Pijaca, where locals sell their home-grown produce, arguably the best fruit and vegetables you'll see in Europe.

Belgrade clubs are places where you have incredible fun at the most amazing parties. There are many river and open-air clubs in Belgrade, which offer the best nightlife experience of the summer.

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