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Irresistible New York

USA epicenter

It's your first trip to New york city, and you're only staying for the weekend.

While it's impossible to take in all the excitement of the five boroughs in such a short time, you can still enjoy many of the cities essential attractions.

New York city is defined by its skyline, so visit midtown and scale the site of the Empire state building or the observatory at Rockefella centre Top of the rock to experience its beautiful glory.

A walk through Times Square is also not to missed, it's where it all happens, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the bright lights, big screens and bustling crowds perfectly embody the excitement of the city that never sleeps.

Give your regards to broadway as nobody does theatre like NYC.
Whether you are into dramas, comedies or musicals, you'll find them all here from the long running shows like Chicago and Mamma Mia to the new shows such as Kinky boots.

The city is known for its cultural offerings, famous skyscrapers and central park, but many don't realize that NYC is home to North America's largest urban zoo, the Bronx zoo.

The zoo is more than 250 ace's and holds over six thousand animals.

Architecture buffs will be impressed by the structures here, Rainey memorial gates, the Rockefella fountain and the Beaux arts buildings of the zoo's Astor court are all landmarks.

An unmissable experience in NYC is catching a ballgame (baseball)
The Mets and Yankees both play in New York, so after sightseeing why not enjoy a few hours at the Yankee stadium drinking beer and eating hotdogs like a true Yankee fan.

Ride the Staten island ferry from lower Manhattan to the northern tip of Staten island for free and the views are priceless. This takes you through the New York harbour where you can see the spectacular and world famous statue of liberty, which was a gift from the french after the American civil war.

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