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Fortaleza, Portuguese for Fortress, is located in Northeastern Brazil. With a population close to 2.55 million, it is the 5th largest city in Brazil. It was officially founded as a village, over 200 years after the first colonisation.Residents of the city are known as Fortalezenses.

Fortaleza has a typical tropical climate. It usually rains during the first seven months of the year, where humidity is high. It is usually very dry from August to December. However, these conditions are usually relieved by pleasant winds blowing from the ocean or by a good ice cream!

The city is home to various cultural institutions.
The Jose de Alencar Theater is named after a very famous Brazilian writer. The Theater is a National Historic and Artistic Patrimony.

Dragao do Mar (Dragon of the Sea) is a cultural center, where you can watch Brazilian movies, concerts or the planetarium.

Fortaleza Carnival is not as famous as some others Brazilian's ones but it celebrates diverse cultures with rhythm of samba.

The northeast of Brazil has some typical dishes, such as macaxeira, tapioca, carne de sol, but the most typical one is baiao-de-dois (a kind of risotto with beans, and cheese).

Try Brazilian crab! There is even a special day to it, in which everyone enjoys to meet their friends and eat them on Thursdays.

Acai is a palm tree that produces black-purple berries. In the past years it has become very famous in the country. It is served cold, mainly in a smoothie.

The Orbita Bar is one of the most popular nightlife scene in the city. You will find live music, pool tables and awesome drinks. It is famous not only among tourists, but also amongst the locals.

Fortaleza is very famous for its beaches, such as Porto das Dunas. It is officially part of the nearby town Aquiraz, though it is really and it is home to one of the largest water parks in Latin America, Beach Park.

Scuba diving is possible in the area of Pedra da Risca do Meio State Marine Park, a marine protected area located about 10 nautical miles from the shoreline.

In addition to football, Fortaleza is also home to nautical sports. Strong winds make Praia do Futuro an excellent place for this kind of practice.

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