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Ring Hostel

Ischia, Italy

Hostel Name: Ring Hostel
City: Ischia
Country: Italy
Your Name: Cat Lorenzo Colella, owner

A Brief Description of your hostel:

Ring Hostel is close to the beach in the historic center of Forio. Relax in good company while the Colella Family shows you the best parts of the island! Breakfast included, terrace views & special events organized. Booze Cruises, Hiking, etc...


1. When did you open your first hostel? How many beds you started with? Was it easy at the beginning? Or it got easier once everything is set already?

We opened Ring Hostel in 2003 , we started with 40 beds , at the beginning wasn't easy ,until we got setup.

2. What exactly inspired you to open a hostel ?

We opened the Hostel because me and my family we have always worked in the hospitality, we love to meet New people and we want give the opportunity to budget travelers to come on the island of Ischia

3.What it feels like to manage a hostel?

It's a very special job , if you do it for money , can be very hard but if you do it with passion ,it gives you so much back!

4.How many hostels were in your city when you opened yours?

When We opened, we were the only Hostel in Ischia

5.Is your hostel a part of a chain or private?

We are a private Hostel

6.Have you stayed in a hostel before opening yours?

Yes i have been in a Hostel before

7.Are you still satisfied with your decision to open a hostel or you are having some doubts whether it was the right choice?

Opening a Hostel Was the best choice of my life

8.What's the average type of customers you have in the hostel today?

The customers are mostly from USA, Australia and England

9.Has your hostel also private rooms or it's just dorms?

We have mostly dorms, but Also some privates

10.Does your hostel offer any extra activities ? What makes your hostel outstanding or better compare to others?

We organize different activities, Tours , trying always to get them involved and make them socialize. What makes us different, is the good location ,very competitive price, quality of our service

11.If you would have unlimited amount of money, where would you invest it in, to make growing your current one?

I think, I will invest in the quality and not the quantity, I will grow with everything all around the Hostel , improving activities, Tours, trying to give even better quality , but still keeping the Hostel's atmosphere

12.How do you see your hostel's future and future of the hostels in general ?

I think, customer don't go in a Hostel anymore, just because it's cheap, but they also want to feel comfortable, so I see a good future for the hostel because I see this change. Also in my hostel and other place we are offering g more than just a bed , and that's exactly what customers want.

13.How the hostels have changed in the past years ?

We have improved so much since we opened , not in terms of beds but quality of organisation and atmosphere.

14.How does the hostel influence the local area ?

The Hostel is a good influence for Ischia because of the international and young customers , giving a good atmosphere

15.What's your advice to the future hostels?

My advice for the Hostels is to focus on giving the quality and always improve, but without changing the atmosphere of the Hostel or setting a higher price.

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