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Gent, Flemish art city

Medieval feel and Gothic sites

You might be thinking, what's the secret of living a beautiful and meaningful life, well , you don't have to go far away to find it out,it's just here in Europe, one of the greatest discoveries, Belgian city Gent. They live, work and enjoy the life over again every single day, Gent's charms have nothing to do with beer gardens or waffles, its medieval fairytale looks speaks for itself, it's big enough to be vibrant and alive and small enough to be provincial and cosy.

It stays real, creative and amazing, Gent seems to be like an independent lady that has no interest in becoming a copy of something else, it's unique, the fabulous canalside architecture, wealthy bars and some the country's most amazing museums, Gent is a city you can not miss once you are in Belgium.

If you visit this city with your beloved one, you will enjoy the romantic time in here, with traffic free streets, Flemish architecture and famous three towers, medieval feel and Gothic sites, some of the best known are dramatic St. Bavo's Cathedral and the Castle of the Counts. Ghent is the fourth largest city of the country and doubt the most beautiful one, a city that run an important flourishing flower export trade. Ghent is located in the Flemish region of Belgium, with a quarter of a million people living a beautiful life in here, located between other two pearls Brussels and Bruges. Enjoy the medieval buildings and canals, where tourists are snapping a photos on every corner and businessmen are passing them by, rushing, it's that traditional feel mixed with a very modern lifestyle, people are kind, even though from the beginning seem a little too reserved.

If we look back in the history, Gent has actually a very long and interesting past, it dates back to the Iron Age, in the 13th century, when Ghent was the second largest city in Europe, after Paris. The centuries have passed, but it hasn't changed that much, maybe for the fact that it has gained its popularity around the world and visitors come to see it from around the globe.

One more thing about this city, the citizens have a passion for two wheels, the bicycles are everywhere, that might be the reason of the traffic and worries free atmosphere that accompanies the city. It's pretty hard to describe the city on the paper, you have to see it, feel it and touch it in all senses. Make no mistake, Belgium is stunning country with many great towns, but Gent stands out, this authentic city is a place where the past and present co exists in a perfect balance. Going throughout the narrow streets, your head will spin around, you will be walking through the Iron Age , walking into the 21st century. Visit this Flemish art city, that gathers young and old, ancient and modern, fulfilled with music, theatre and so much more, while leaving Gent, it will break your heart!

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