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Cusco, the best in Peru

Capital of the Inca Empire

Peru Is one of the top destinations in South America, with breathtaking villages and cities, it's a paradise on earth for an active traveller. There is so much to do for any kind of travellers, if you are an olympic, you will enjoy the bike trails and paragliding, if you are looking for the culture and history, Lima, Machu Picchu and Cusco will entertain you just fine. In fact, to explore Peru, go to Cuzco, the ruins of Machu Picchu and Inca Trail are located in the same region, so you will see it all.

The city of Cusco lies 3350 meters above sea level, so breathtaking views will be experienced, with temperatures that might get cool and chilly, to keep yourself warm, just get one of their traditional colourful sweaters, from any of Cusco's markets. Pacific breaks and giant sand dunes, ancient civilization and indescribable sun sets over the beautiful scenery that only Peru can offer, and it's then when you realize, the paradisal adventure starts here.

Cuzco was founded back in 1100 AD, it's by the way the oldest continually inhabited city in the Western hemisphere, it was once the flourishing capital of the Inca Empire, and it's still considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will see the remarkable presence of Incan and Spanish colonial architecture, plus the enormous beauty and the sincerity and warmth of the local people.

Once you put your feet in Cusco, you will admire the stone foundations of the ancient Inca temples and cute little churches spread all along the Temple of the sun. Wherever you go, the rich past of Cusco follows you, mixed with the vibrant presence, making a perfect cocktail, a clear vision of Peruvian history and culture. You will pass throughout the cobblestone streets, passing by women wearing traditional skirt, the Inca Empire is now the archeological capital of the Americas. Enjoy!

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