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Exotic collide of Bangkok

City of Angels in Thailand

Bangkok lives up its reputation, being vibrant and perfectly embracing both, the old world charm and modern convenience. Most of the visitors coming to Bangkok are surprised about its traffic jams free city center, thanks to the city's modern skytrain and underground systems .

Bangkok is the jewel of Thailand, being also the economic and cultural capital of the country, fulfilled with vast number of attractions, sightseeing opportunities are wide and amazing.

Bangkok's growth has been rapid , since the foundation year, back in 1782, Bangkok have had its ups and downs, but the capital has been managing to get back on its feet, and here it is, a great transport hub and a popular travel destination in Asia. City of Angels can be proud of funky markets, huge malls, vibrant nightlife and fabulous sights, fulfilled with unique heritage.

A great idea could be, exploring the city by Longtail boat, having a drive to the other side of Bangkok, Thonburi, which was the old Bangkok capital, when it was a province, 1972. It's situated on the western banks of Chao Phraya River, you will be thrown back in time, where nothing have been touched by modernism. It's laid back and man made, networks of Khlong Mon and Khlong Bangkok will see the real Bangkok's charm, forget about the money making charade, with souvenirs and overpriced snack, this is the real life.

Bangkok is cosmopolitan and intriguing, it will attract both, residents and the tourists, it's simply sensational, no matter if you are there for fun or for business, you will enjoy it. Thais love to celebrate, so every month's calendar is fulfilled with events, November is not exception, they celebrate also foreign festivals, from Halloween to Christmas, malls are bursting from people.

Music and all kid of performances are visible on the streets, food stalls and fashion shows, exhibitions and parades. This year will be the 11th Bangkok Theatre Festival, it's the only festival, where the biggest theatre makers from all over the country, also some foreigner artists. Thais don't really need a reason to celebrate, they are the celebrations of their own.

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