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Amsterdam, old world charm

Fairytale with chocolate sprinkles

Netherlands is more than tulips, legal weed muffins and beautiful people. Holland is a land of thousands of colors, tulip fields and amazingly cured canals, sophisticated cities and some of the most beautiful coastline in Northern Europe. The south pearl of the country uis Rotterdam, with an industrial port, which has had a complete makeover in recent years, sprawling with excellent museums and offers some of the edgiest corners ever seen. Going towards the coast, Netherland becomes more Dutch with countless fields of tulips that with years has become a stereotypically country itself, windmills and farms, just a fairy tale alike country.

The farmers produce some of the best cheeses and milk products all over the country, charming towns and villages will make you speechless, Edam, Leiden and many others that haven't changed with centuries. The best of the country is the 650 km North Sea beach of stretch of Zeeland, with some of the best cycling trails and great weather.

Amsterdam, the capital might disappoint you if you are looking for spiky skylines , it's all about old world charm, breaking throughout a very progressive city. But don't get it wrong, it has it all, modern and very alive city feel and very laid back lifestyle. Bicycles everywhere, it's alternative and healthy, saving space and accidents. Go on a canal boat tour early in the morning, explore the 165 canals that will help you to with orientation in Amsterdam, it's another world.

Rent a bicycle and stroll throughout the old town, passing by the surrounding boutiques and the shopping streets, legendary store Droog, Heineken tour through the bars and great cakes and coffee shops.Smoking alien sculptures will surprises you, Golden Age treasure spread all over the city, history with modern urban flair, that's Amsterdam. All you will hear, bike bells clinging, it's like a music for ears, the city is safe, clean, beautiful and fulfilled with friendly citizens, old merchants houses, great restaurant scene and don't forget to get a chocolate sprinkles on your bread, it made my day!

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