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White city Tel Aviv

Party until the morning light

A country in Middle East , along the Mediterranean Sea's coastline, sharing borders with Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Israel it's not just a country with history that dates 35 centuries back, it's also the people, who forsook the nomadic way of life and finally settled in this land and became a nation, Jews. Although its small size, Israel might surprise you with the cultural and natural treasures, fulfilled with mountainous deserts and the Valley of the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth.

Tel Aviv unfairly has been left in the shadow of the impressive Jerusalem, but it also hosts beautiful places to see. The city was founded in 1909, which was the first Jewish city, nowadays it has become the commercial , financial, cultural and industrial center of the whole country. Also called the White City, being the historic port of Yafo, fulfilled with extremely beautiful Arab heritage.

Interesting fact of Tel Aviv is that back in 50's the buildings were designed by architects who were trained in Europe, so only the best of those times, they practised their profession before immigrating. That was a great and unexpected move that transform the White city forever, with a new cultural context of the modern movement. Bauhaus center will help you to understand Tel Aviv's arts and history. Bauhaus was a school in Germany devoted to art, design and architecture, four Israeli studied in that school, bringing back the best ideas, that created the whole city. Tel Aviv has managed to also keep the traditions alive, it's an outstanding example of the implementation, that the modern and ancient can melt perfectly together.

Great art galleries, artisan boutiques and traditional restaurants will fulfill your vacation with brand new emotions and unforgettable experience. 24/7 you can have a bite in Tel Aviv, a little different that you are used to. The Israeli cuisine was influenced by Middle East, French, Italian cultures, making the best of it, combine tastes, ingredients and flavors, the result is exceptionally original. Mouth watering restaurants spread all over Tel Aviv, it's the culinary capital of the country, local restaurants are runned by master top tier chefs, who travel the world and bring all the best knowledge of food back to the country. So once you are enjoying this city, don't forget to also eat your way through Tel Aviv!

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