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Kyoto, residence of Emperor

Elegant touch of Japan

Kyoto is one of Japan's pearls, sometimes left in the shadow of Tokyo, unmerited though, it used to be the capital of Japan and residence of emperor from 794 until 1868, which has grown into country's seventh largest city. Kyoto has a very modern face, maybe because it has been destroyed many times, by wars and fires, surprisingly many temples, shrines and priceless monuments have survived the damage and have left remarkable sense of traditions and rich past.

Kyoto is fulfilled with museums and galleries, architectural masterpieces and rich cultural scene, a place where cuisine is amazing and people are more than welcoming. Kyoto is divided in districts, one of the most famous is the Gion District, with wooden windows and maiko dancers, fashion stores and the best dining options. Gion is one of the main districts in the city, being the prestigious downtown area of Japan.

From 794 to 1869, Kyoto was home to the Imperial Household. Even today, nearly 3,000 temples and almost 2,000 shrines can be found in the city. Because of this, the culinary traditions handed down through generations of the Emperor's Court, Buddhist monks, and Shinto priests can still be enjoyed today. Home to many shrines and temples, Kyoto hosts all those places, protecting them with faith and status. You might see elegant Maiko, apprentice geisha dancers, who can also show you around the area, you can buy traditional Kyoto crafts, such as kimono accessories. Gion will show you off the old and ancient, at the same time refreshing with the modern, very famous will be Chinese and Italian restaurants , hosted in traditional Japanese building, the city is full of pleasant contrasts, perfectly fitting in and making it unique.

The cuisine in Kyoto is traditional and exquisite, no matter where you go, you will be impressed, every restaurant serves traditional food, Kyoryori specialize in meals of high quality, the atmosphere is carefully thinked through, so you will dine in fabulous gardens with an elegant touch and the best service possible. If you want to taste the real Japanese food with home style cooking that locals are used to eat, have an izakaya or shokudo dinner, consider that for dinner you will pay about three times more than for lunch.

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