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Majestic Turkey

Grand ambitions of Istanbul

A majestic and historically rich land Turkey, has always been on the top of the world's travel destinations, not just because it's the only one carrying two continents with it, it's for the stunning and diverse landscapes, ancient bazaars, sunny beaches, soaring mountains and ancient ruins, every each of the have a story to tell. As an old Turkish saying: A cup of coffee commits one to 40 years of friendship, stop one of the wise men and chat with them, you will be surprised, they won't open up easily, you have to build a trust, but once you do, it's a blessing to hear one of the legends from the locals.

Istanbul, not the capital,the cultural capital through, a place where the tourist crowds may disturb you, head in here in autumn or winter, you will see perfectly the hearty locals and the truest beauty of the city. Make the most of Istanbul, you can easily cruise around, the famous Bosporus, with romantic touch, Istanbul is the place where East meets West, with countless attractions in the middle. A blessed place, spoiled by mother nature.

The hospitality in Istanbul is incredible, they have a great humor and they will go all the way to help you out and make you feel home in here, they are proud of who they are! The sunsets are one of the most beautiful ones, over the world's most beautiful skyline.

Somehow they have managed to keep the history very alive, artistic treasures and a feel of ancient times, in every church changed by Byzantines, great palaces with mosaics and frescoes, you won't stop capturing them, most of them are still here to admire. Magnificently decorated imperial mosques by Ottomans are perfectly fitting in the city's style, with years, the great business densities have reprised Ottoman's grand ambitions and have opened many impressive galleries and museums.

You will just love the cuisine in Istanbul, some of the best food you will ever taste, locals of Istanbul take this thing very seriously, most of the restaurants in Istanbul, are the best in the whole country. The variety is huge and very diverse, from edgy fusion creations to aromatic Asian dishes or some of the best Italian pizza places, but the must of course it's Turkish succulent kebaps, very different than we are used to, flavoursome mezes and freshly caught fish accompanied with some locally produced beer or wine, that's the city's signature dish!

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