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Gold City, Johannesburg

The real South Africa

Johannesburg, one of the brightest cities in South Africa, commonly known better as Joburg or Jozi, which keeps changing constantly, so never getting predictable and boring. The vibrant, beating heart of South Africa, with very diverse cultural districts, the Newtown and Braamfontein, everything is moving here, from coffees to restaurants, museums and theaters, it seems like this city has no breaks, it's full of energy and creativity. You will alos love the world's most successful urban-renewal projects, the hipster-friendly urban neighborhood, Maboneng ,meaning the Place of Light.

Also called the City of Gold, Johannesburg is the most important city in the country, literally being the number one in the gold mining industry. It's home to three million people, being also the business capital of South Africa and the powerhouse of the continent. It was formed back in 1880, after the rich treasures of gold and diamonds were discovered. While the Cape Town is the tourist spot, Johannesburg is also worth visiting once you are in this magnificent country, Johannesburg is an African city with a European influence.

Jo'burg is incredible inviting and friendly, with a lots to see, the museums will give you a stroll through city's history, while the streets will show you the rapid growing presence and clear fututre. If you are lucky, the locals will invite you to one of their traditional home barbecue, known better as a braai, your heart will be stolen away, by their warmth and touching hospitality. Most of them have homes in the northen subborbs, you might be surprised of their high level living standard, housekeeping staff, few cars and huge swimming pool, they live very well.

The Gold city for centuries has been the number one of the world's gold mining city, the old-bearing stone is mined at considerable depth, with 3900 meters, one of the deepest in the world. The conditions for the workers are dangerous though, because of the temperature that raises by 1 degree every 33 meters, even though there are air conditioners, the humidity is hundred percent. Country's gold industry is under constant pressure, trying to survive, beacause of Russia's and America's cheaper gold, losing its value against major currencies...

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