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Chengdu, home of Pandas

Laid back charm of China

China is enormous country, where you will need a life time to travel it all around, no matter how many times you have visited, whether it's your first time or twentieth, China is so fast changing and diverse, that it will always be an adventure. China doesn't have a history on every corner, but it is the world's oldest continuous civilisation, that keeps surprising the rest of the world. Some might say, its moves are rude and not always fair, but they are very straightforward, don't really care what the others think, they live after their very own rules, and as long as it doesn't harm anyone, why not?

Lonely towns fulfilled with Buddhist cave statues, Great Wall, mountains topped with temples, laid back atmosphere and very awake nation, that are hard working and very straight to business. The country is so diverse, it's like several different countries are rolled into one, from modest to very international, from ancient to very modern, respecting and living along the traditions but at the same time being very open for everything that's new. You will be spoiled by diverse attraction choice in China, hiking, biking, cycling, backpacking or museum going or a foodie, all that is found in here.

Many interesting cities, inviting, but there is one left in the shadow, it's the fourth most liveable city in the country. Chengdu is located in the heart of China, a gate for visitors to Tibet in the West and Xian in North, it has more than 4000 years of history. If you want to avoid the big crowds in Shanghai and Beijing, head to Chengdu, which is home to arts and music schools, so you can enjoy Fine arts exhibitions and attend the opera, the city is green, famous for ts countless parks and laid back lifestyle.

Another reason to visit Chengdu, are the lovely panda, Chengdu is home of the Giant Panda, the Red Panda, and the world's largest Panda breeding and research base. In total in this area are 70percent of them, so when people come to Chengdu, pandas are the main objectives.

Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding is located only 10 kilometers away from the downtown, so it's an easy access. To give pandas the best possible environment for rearing, the places has been created by the natural habits. You will see all sorts of pandas, white storks, black necked cranes and lesser pandas, over 20 species of rare animals located in a beautiful, wild nature!

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