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Fairytale kingdom Riga, Latvia

Latvia, a pearl of Baltics, loaded with colourful fixings, green forests, coastal beaches and splendid palaces of Art Nouveau. It took this small country 25 years to get back on its feet after Communism, but finally , the treasure of Baltic is ready to shine! The capital is Riga, it's also the unofficial capital of Baltic States, also the European Capital of Culture, Riga has many faces, you will feel the cutting-edge New Nordic fare, it's a city where centuries meet, making contrasts between wooden buildings, Art Nouveau grandeur and Soviet practicality.

The populations is 2.5 million , from which more than one third are living in the capital, the official language is Latvian, and make no mistake, it has nothing in common with Russian language. Riga is the center of business , economy , politics and culture since the Middle Ages. It's incredibly compact, with quality of life, attracting the best workforce of the country, being very well connected with the rest of the Europe, standing in the Middle of East and North. It takes half an hour and you are in Jurmala, the beach town with splendid coast, within an hour you will enjoy the greenest and the most untouched countryside.

The capital is a cultural hub, being unique and historical, the old town Old Riga is an eloquent history lesson, complimentary, creative and traditional, modern and old. A fairy tale kingdom of wobbly lanes and some of the most beautiful nature. Riga has many palaces, monuments and museums to show off, 14th century House of Blackheads, destroyed by Germans and reconstructed 1999 Town Hall Square, along with the splendid House of Blackheads, the main square also features the symbol of Hansa trading cities . Riga will celebrate its 815th birthday next Summer.

Latvians speak fluently at least three languages, Latvian, Russian, English and most also German, they might seem reserved, but once you get know them, they will immediately open up, some of the most honest and straightforward people ever, with great sense of humor. They have some of the most hilarious sayings ever. Be careful once put your briefcase on the floor unless you want to have serious financial problems or never whistle inside the house and cut your hair only during waning moon!

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