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Halloween in Berlin

The best monster parties

Berlin is anything but boring, unbeatable array of cultural and fun attractions every season,every month, every day, every hour something exciting is happening, anything at any time, Berlin will provide for you unforgettable experience. In one word, it's part paradise, but also cutting edge architecture, thrilling past and fabulous food at any time. It's the true capital in the world, that literally never sleeps, the intense parties and cultural scene will proof it to you.

There are thousands of reasons to love this city, those ones who think that's the strict Germany's capital, oh, you are so wrong, Berlin is vibrant and so multicultural, it inspires you , accepts you and makes you feel good about yourself. The iconic sights and the constant move, a lot of green space and some of the world class dining options, from sky bars to chic restaurants. It's so changing and full of contradictions, you will see the fancy side of the center and then, there's the graffiti side, which is the edgiest ever, tiny basement clubs, fancy cocktail bars and industrial techno temples. Berlin is full of contrast and it's beautiful and unique in all ways.

Berlin is so much more than just a huge metropolis capital, it's multicultural and diverse in every aspect. Berliners live after a motto: live and let live, it's even more liberal than US, they believe in personal freedom and creative lifestyle, not paying attention to others business, way of dressing or expressing themselves, the material and wealth are no priorities at all. Never really understood the point of Oktoberfest, which is basically every day , great bars and pubs promoting the brewers latest masterpieces, people catching up and having fun. The city is huge but perfectly connected, so you can move with public transport, car or bicycle.

End of October comes with Halloween parties and Berlin is more than prepared, the biggest monster party capital invites all the zombies from all over the world to attend Berlin's party places. The popularity of this festival is growing every year in Berlin, children are all dressed up in costumes roaming the streets and knocking the doors, asking for trick or treat, mostly not being prepared for the trick part. For the biggest zombies, vampires and ghosts, many clubs host parties, the night in Berlin you will never forget.

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