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Winter land Turin

The first capital of Italy

Italy is no doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world, not even trying to advertise it, its beautiful nature talks itself. Turin is sometimes forgotten, but no make mistake, Turin has an elegance and beauty, plus it's the birthplace of fiat cars,it inspired the black and white stripes on Juventus football team's flag and it gave the world the first saleable hard chocolate. It was the first capital of Italy and it donated its monarchy, House of Savoy. Located in Piedmont region, in the north west of the country, Turin is also a great winter fun destination, being close by the Alps, a great starting point for skiing holidays, but not only , hundreds of reasons to visit this amazing nord Italian town.

Torino is one of the prettiest cities in Northern Italy, being neighbours with Milan and Genoa, which of course gives it even more visibility, but also leaving it in the shadow, which isn't fair, it's considered as one of the most genteel city in the whole country, people are welcoming , helpful and extremely friendly, which isn't common nowadays , considering the masses of tourists. The city itself has Parisian boulevards and London style squares, coffee shops and bars will remind you of peaceful Vienna and Italian charm will be there all the way.

Right in the heart of the Turin are Piazza Castello, the royal palace of the Savoy dynasty, Palazzo Madama, which used to be a castle, prison and a senate house. The historical center of Turin is warm and breathtaking, elegant and very important part of daily life in here, a meeting point of all kind of generations gathering in cafes and restaurants, squares

The main football clubs of Juventus and Torino are located here, Juventus is one of the most successful football clubs in Italy. with an enormous fan base in Italy and abroad. Turin hosted Winter Olympics back in 2006, which also gave the city needed publicity. The most attracting scene you will experience in the evenings, when Torinese stroll under the city's arcades, heading from one cafe to another, catching up with the latest gossip, sipping delicious bicerin, which by the way is not easy found in other cities, blend of espresso, hot cocoa, and whipped cream accompanied with some good Piedmonte chocolate and canapes.

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