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Must see in Los Angeles

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What to do in the City of angels?

Los Angeles is known to be a pleasant city with multiples attraits. There are many districts to visit in the city. Here are a few suggestions of things to do when you go on vacation in LA.

1. You have to go by the beach! Rent a surfboard and take a lesson.There are nice boardwalks in Venice beach and in Santa Monica. If you have to chose between the two, I would recommend Venice beach, it is more laid-back and cheaper. There you will see the skatepark where they shoot all the famous movies and also an outdoor gym where people go to do their trainings. You can also rent bikes to ride along the boardwalk. Look up for Venice canals, it is a nice place to go take pictures. It isn't far from the beach and you can take 30 minutes to go take some pictures, it is definitely worth it.

2. The Hollywood district is also located in the town of Los Angeles. Every tourist want to go take a look and will expect to see a celebrity there. Sometimes you can be lucky and see a film shooting. If you go directly on Hollywood blvd, this is where you can have a nice walk among gift shops and look down on the sidewalk to find the star of your favorite actor or singer.

3. Griffith observatory and Mulholland drive are the two most reliable places from where you can observe the Hollywood sign and take great pictures with it. I would not recommend going there during traffic hours because you will lose a lot of time to appreciate the sunset by example.

Enjoy your time in Los Angeles and don't miss the mexican food. You can't leave California without having at least a fish tacos!

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