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Brussels Beer Challenge 2015

Port city of Rubens, Antwerp

Belgium for most of you will be a trip to Brussels, you will enjoy the astonishing architecture, beer and chocolate, and you will come back home, it's fine if you want to ignore all that, this country has a lot more to offer, mostly being underrated. Belgium's capital is also a huge political center , so it might seem cold and more straight to business deal, but it's not. Fulfilled with amazing museums, very vibrant theatrical and artistical life and food scene. The countryside is spectacular and so are other cities, yes, there are other cities than just Brussel.

Antwerp for an instance, it's the country's second largest city, also the biggest port, more like the cool capital, where fashion, discos and diamonds are located. It's a very powerful place for anything that's new, so if you are looking for fun, great events, head to fashionable Antwerp, fashionista's dream destination. But not so fast, it also has a heart, medieval remains with cafe filled cobbled lanes and streets, impressive cathedrals and amazing architecture.

One of the brightest and nearest festivals is Belgian Beer Festival , not yet as popular as Munich Oktoberfest, but getting there. Belgium has a bear history to be proud of, and mostly visitors are coming for the good bear, only after admiring the country itself, producing more than 450 different types of beer, including some of famous worldwide.

The port city of Rubens will host this annual festival Brussels Beer Challenge 2015 will take place for three full days at the Brewing hall in Antwerp, 5th-8th November. All kind of brewers, smaller and larger, will showcase their latest and greatest products, with a great chance to taste something exclusive. Also many news and new brands to taste, as it's a great opportunity to publicize the newborn beer brand. You can still enjoy the party and also discover the beauty of the city, hopefully remembering every bit of it.

Not to mention that Belgium has the greatest diversity of original beer styles in the world, even though it's small country, the quality is very worked out and excellent, that's the difference, with an unrivaled brewing heritage which is deeply embedded across the country. Belgium doesn't work on publicity and they never explode onto the scene of showing off, they simply create the best beer with the unique talent of marrying innovation and respecting the years old traditions.

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