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Sin city Las Vegas

Craziness and partying

Ever thought of Las Vegas as backpacking destination? Don't fool yourself, Las Vegas can be affordable if you are well informed and know where to find the best deals! Here are a few recommendations. First of all, you can find hostels in Las Vegas that are really cheap and that can accomadate you.

There are some located in every part of the city; some are close to the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) and there is evenone in the Old Las Vegas (Fremont location)There are a lot to do in Las Vegas. You can spend a lot of time inthe city, but I recommend only few days depending on what you want to do. How do you find out what kind of trip you want? By keeping reading this article! Las Vegas is featured with lights and gigantic hotels.

Every hotel has a theme ; the Venetian that is built with canal like the italian Venise, at the Paris where you can see a duplicate of the Eiffel tower and the Triumph arch. Those are only examples, but you can see the greatness of the hotels there. In every hotel there are casinos, restaurants, shopping center even supermarkets. You can find everything there but it will be really expansive... And that brings me to the next point : Fremont street and Old Vegas.

There you can find cheap beers, cheap margaritas and also cheap meals CHEAP EVERYTHING. There almost everything is cheap and you can make lots of savings by going to a buffet for lunch or dinner. I recommend Golden Nugget buffet or Palace Station buffet. Fremont street experience is also worth the detour at night because it is a covered street where you can see animation on the ceilling. Hotels are cheap too but know that it is a good ride from Fremont to the Strip, plan at least 30 minutes excluding the city traffic on the Strip.

Also, it is known as the City of Sin because usually people go in Las Vegas to party DAY AND NIGHT. It is a never ending party! Between the dayclub pools and the nightclubs, there is always an happy hour somewhere.Another thing that brings most of people in Sin City are the famous DJ's that often play in Las Vegas clubs. You can see David Guetta, Steve Oaki, Calvin Harris and more. The ticket price usually includes the entry in the dayclub or nightclub and the show. I suggest you visit to see the EDM calendar; you will want to go out clubbing every night! Every hotel (or almost) has a dayclub and a nightclub!

There you will probably spend more money than you realize. One entry ticket can cost between 30US$ and 40US$. In Las Vegas, there is also a great amount of shows. The best way to buy tickets for a good price, you can find cabins directly on the Strip that are called Tix4Tonight, they often have half price tickets for shows like Chippendales and Magic shows. You can also find few representations of Le Cirque du Soleil in hotels like MGM and The Mirage. They cost a little more but it is definitely worth it.

In Las Vegas you can also do outdoor activities but watch out. Stay hydrated it gets really hot sometimes. Directly on the Strip you will see they sell different kinds of trips )bus, helicopter, etc) to go see the Grand Canyon. It is an amazing experience! Also, if you like shopping you will be served with two premium outlets located in each side of the city (South and North).

There is also a huge outlet center in Primm. It could be a good idea to go if you rent a car, because it is an hour drive from Las Vegas center. It can be worth it if you love shopping, there is even an amusement park in the center! In definitive, you may think Las Vegas is an overrated destination, but in fact it can become your best trip ever. You can find anything you want, it is like a dream city where everything can become true. Cheers to a weekend in Vegas!

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