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Wine and culture in Vienna

National day of Austria

October has arrived and in Europe it's officially a month of autumn, Vienna is famous for opera, theater and all kind of performances, being number one in Europe for cultural treats, October is special month for Art, Wine, Music and Films. The calendar around this time literally bursts from events, all kind of them for all tastes and ages.

Vienna State Opera is worldwide known for its excellent performances, this year will be one of the funkiest local art fairs that will open the doors to Eastern Europe. Not to mention the wine tasting fairs, that Vienna is famous for, which is a long tradition in here, reflected by numerous heritage and old wine cellars. You can also enjoy one of the magnificent wine tours they offer

Wine has had a long tradition in Vienna. This is reflected not only by the numerous heritage but also several beautiful, old wine cellars. These are drawing in visitors with special offers and guided tours. One of the oldest, for an instance, 500 years old Vilon Wine Cellar, which leads 16 meters below the streets in the very center of Vienna. Once you will sign up for the tour, you will taste excellent wines that will be accompanied by interesting stories and cellar's history. If you are willing to do the wine tour in the heart of Vienna, you have to prebook, for Friday or Saturday only at fixed times.

Another celebration held in October, it's Austria's National Day , on the 26th of October, there will be military parade on Ringstrasse or a competitive military exhibition at Heldenplatz, for those who are more interested in this special day, will be also an access the office of Austria's State President at the Imperial Palace. The famous Vienna Museum and the Austrian National Library will be free to entrance , other state museums will have reduced price.

Once you are in Vienna, do not miss the delicious treats that this city offers, for example, going to the coffee shops it's not for coffee, you will end up with one of the bakery's wonders, which is an important part of the ambience of the city, taste Sachertorte or Strudel and you will nearly touch heaven. When it comes to food and drink, Vienna can definitely draw on its culture.

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