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French province Quebec

Sugar coated side of Canada

Canada is well known for his West Coast for its cities like Vancouver, while there are beautiful things to see in the East Coast. We sometimes tend to forget that the province of Quebec has its own cachet. One thing particular about Quebec is definitively his sugar-coated side.

The sugary side of Quebec.Not only, they have their own language that separates them from the rest of the country, but they also have their own culture. People from the province of Quebec, who are called Quebecers, have celebration during the spring that is called Le temps des sucres.

Le temps des sucres happens when the snow begins to melt. Usually in Quebec the weather is very cold until March. When the weather goes over zero degrees Celsius during the day, the sap in the maple tree starts flowing again. It is at this point that we can collect the maple water or commonly called the maple sap. People who collect the maple sap regularly own a sugar shack. A sugar shack is like a traditional restaurant that is open only for Le temps des sucres. You can find sugar shack in every little country of Quebec. Tourists really enjoy it because it is a different experience and it makes them understand a part of the culture in Quebec.

A typical sugar shack meal usually consists of a pea soup as a starter. The service goes on with some omelettes, ham, sausages, canadian bacon, baked beans and potatoes. The particular thing is that all the components of the dish are cooked in the syrup. The dessert is always pancakes and tarts, again with maple syrup. There is also a second dessert for the foodies : maple toffee that you eat on a stick.

Every large family reunites in the spring at least once to share a meal at the sugar shack. It is an old tradition and always a good time shared with our family members. It becomes a celebration because the whole family is there. There is also sleigh rides available at most of the sugar shacks during which they make a little tour of their territory with an explanation of how they make the syrup.

If you are planning to go to Quebec, the spring is definitively the best season to enjoy it. It is not too cold, but you can still enjoy outdoor activities in the snow and you can have a nice sugar shack meal.

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