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Seville, capital of Andalusia

Great looks and personality

They say, each city in the world should have one , looks or the personality, Seville in Spain has a free pass for both, great looks and personality hot as hell. Seville is incredibly beautiful, not just spoiled by mother nature, also humans have given a lot of jewels to make this place charismatic and edgy enough to attract thousands of tourists every year.

As it's Spain, there is always something to celebrate, so not only every season, every month there are great events to attend, but then again , you don't really need a reason to go to Seville, it's a good idea all year around.

For those ones who have no clue what's this wonderful place is all about, here, it's the capital city of Andalusia, located in the South of Spain. Seville is one of the largest Spain's cities and occupies the valley of the Guadalquivir river, which by the was an important harbour during the Spanish conquest of the American continent, not to mention the treasures that arrived from the New World to Sevilla, gold and silver, that were distributed later all over the country.

Seville has many attractions to be proud of, museums, traditions, artistic heritage and incredible culture in general, passion for parties and events, gathering together and truly enjoying life, that's the real spirit. Birthplace of famous Flamenco, it's one of Spain's most charming cities, founded by Hercules, being also a joyous town, Sevilla is striking for its vitality and sparkling citizens. Sevilla is the most alive of all cities, famous for Don Juan , Figaro and Carmen...what else if not fame it could be?

City: Seville
Country: Spain
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Published on 07-Ott-2015
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