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Honduras, paradise of Rotan

Tropical beachfront and open jungle

Are willing to visit a world apart , Honduras , the bad boy of Central America, having definitely adventures to offer, simple, sometimes edgy but very attractive. Honduras is the trouble worth taking, most of the travelers love their time in here, enjoying the magical ruins of Maya and the fabulous Bay islands. It's an open jungle, with enormous tropical forest area that contains a lot of wild animals, like coyote, fox, deer, puma and monkeys, all kinds of fishes and turtles, all sizes, just enough to never stop you wonder, how great this is! Untouched and wild!

If you are ready for this kind of adventure, then pack your comfortable shoes and clothes, and let's go! This vibrant country has plenty to offer, open your mind and enjoy the clear turquoise waters, lush jungles , mountains that will take your breath away, fascinating ancient ruins and golden beaches. The secret of all this beauty is that's kept as simple as possible, it's not tourism, you will see the daily life in here, the real face of Honduras.

The largest city and the most developed in the Bay Islands is Roatan, which is long and thin, 50 km long and only 4 km wide, this tiny beauty offers a paradisiacal entertainment. If you like diving, this is the place for you, the entire coastline is covered by extremely diverse coral reefs and fulfilled with tropical fish. There are five islands in total, all surrounded by the second largest barrier reef in the world, The Mayan Barrier Reef.

Roatan offers diverse landscapes, from marvelous beachfronts to tropical hillsides, Roatan is as Caribbean as Caribbean gets. Don't think of this place as only a stunning beaches, it's so much more, you can go discover the pine-forested hills and the remote wild east of the island, play your very own pirates of Carribbean, as once it was a pirate hangout...there are also some fun for tourists willing to shop and enjoy fancy holiday, hotel resorts and shopping malls, cruise ships and fantastic dining options. Enjoy!

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