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Venice Carnival 2008 is Coming

January 25 – February 5

Starting next weekend Venice is transforming into an 18th century city!!

The exciting happenning is

here and will go on for about 10 days. During those days

you can wear a custom and/or a mask pretty much anywhere

except in churches and in some restaurants.

To get into the carnival spirit visit one of the local costume shops.

The modern carnival is a vibrant mixture of music, culture and colourful garments

The Venice Carnival has been running since 1980

after a break of almost 200 years.

It celebrates the passing of winter

into spring with parties, events and masked balls.

A huge stage is constructed in St Mark's Square

where crowds can enjoy actors,

acrobats, dancers and musicians performing.

The carnival is a great opportunity to enjoy Venice in every sense.

Through the power of sight, the joy of touch,

the thrill of hearing,

the pleasure of taste and the exhlaration of smell.

Imagine Venice, imagine a wave of emitions

that will carry you through

the most beautiful city in the world.

City: Venice
Country: Italy
Published on 23-Gen-2008
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