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Montreal, cuisine capital

City of design

The pearl of North America, Canada is some much more than just good looks from hulking mountains and road trips accompanied by moose, it's the rock cool culture, great people and fantastic adventures. Those who say, it's cold atmosphere, well I guess they refer to the weather, because people are the nicest and straight forwarded. Not to mention is the world's second biggest country, with endless variety of landscapes and sublime nature, you will fall for sky high mountains, amazing rainforests and beaches, yes, there are many stunning beaches, polar bears and whales,mooses...

This country might be very diverse in its climate, landscape, tradition and its people, but they share the same values, making them a friendly, loving, caring and very secure society, where everyone respects each other, setting a great example for the others. For example Montreal is little Paris, it's an amazing blend of new and old, with edgy art scenes, great cuisine and stole walled taverns, it's a mix of everything. Don't have to look for entertainment, it will appear on each corner, English pubs, French pastry shops, temples dedicated to Kamouraska lamb, cobblestone streets and Jewish delis...

Winter season is the best time to visit Montreal it might get very cold in here, but the citizens have learned to make the best of it, with ice skating halls and ski resorts, skate beside the St Lawrence River, after chilling with beer in one of many pubs. Montreal is literally a slice of the old Europe, what it used to be, the chic and traditions, simple and caring people, true, Montreal is very true. Rent a bicycle and stroll among the 18th century facades of Old Montreal, visit the Canal de Lachine. Go through the very inviting and glittering shops downtown and end the tour up with the best meal ever in Plateau Mont Royal.

People will share their beautiful city with you, throwing great parties and good times, the charm is the French English mix, that adds an incredible dynamism to the city. Montreal remains the country's cultural juggernaut, with countless fascinating festivals and theatre performances, many artists and musicians come to Montreal, knowing the great art reputation of the city. The influences of French and British gives the city a great creativity and cultural going on. Definitely to be discovered.

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