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Corfu, laid back beauty

Magic of Greece

Mediterranean sun, the best Feta cheese, white bleached houses, blue rooftops, plenty flowers and deep blue water, sounds like Paradise? Greece! If you are planing to visit this beautiful country, be prepared to do some informative reading first, the country's main characteristic are the islands, 6000 of them and plus tiny islets scattered in the Ionian and Aegean seas. The best phenomen for the European continent is the fact that 227 islands are inhabited, so you can easily play Robinson Crusoe in Europe. Don't worry about seeing few at the time, the ports are in small distance between them, the climate is ideal , the waters are safe and perfect not only for swimming but also for diving, the islands are fulfilled with Greeks and tourists.

Most of the islands are scattered in the Aegean Sea and are divided into seven groups: The Northeastern Aegean Islands, The Sporades, Evia, Islands of Argosaronic, The Cyclades (including Santorini and Mykonos), The Dodecanese and the famous Crete. The Ionian Sea on the other hand has just one island complex, called The Ionian islands, including Corfu. Each of them have diverse charm and characteristics, some more populated by tourists , some by residence, it's very important where you stay, definitely rent a car to move easily.

The choice is huge, remember that every Greek isle has great beaches, some come with a Venetian castle and great history behind it, like Crete. For those loving party and super Paradise beaches, Mykonos will fit the most. If you are willing to enjoy as much water sports and beauty possible, head to the Lipsi and Kefalonia. Wherever you decide to go, Greece promises for sure few things, beaches, walking, cycling, history, food scene and a lot of water sports. Or you can ignore all of that and just relax on the beach and soak up all the beauty there is. It's never ending and hard capture in your camera, so open your eyes, and make sure you see the right picture.

If your goal is to see as much as history and laid back beauty possible, go to Corfu, Delos or Rhodes. Rhodes for example has a magnificent walled old town, where the Knights of St John ruled. Delos is beautiful already for the fact that once it was dedicated to Apollo, with shrines of the gods and ruins still visible. You will love Corfu, with Venetian-era mansions, cosmopolitan spirit and artistic life. Mykonos will entertain you with sizzling style and reputation, is one of the most glamour islands of all, amazing shopping scene and crazy party life. Choose your own island in Greece and get the best vacation ever!

Greeks are proud of where they come from and you will feel it in every aspect of life in here, their land is unconditionally loved. The flag represents the pain and joy of the country, it consists of nine blue and white alternating horizontal stripes and a white cross on the top left. The colours represents the colour of the sea and waves, there are nine stripes, and there is a very popular belief that the stripes are nine as the letters in the greek word for freedom, also representing two worlds Freedom or Death.

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