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Oyster and Seafood Festival

Galway, Ireland

Irish have many food festivals but one brightest is Galway's Oyster and Seafood Festival, which takes a part each year on the last weekend of September. Galways is considered to be one of the most Irish cities, you will likely hear Irish spoken and where the moderns mixes with its past. Galway city then is fulfilled with locals, tourists and Irish from the whole country, apart that it's a magnificent city to enjoy even without any particular event. In international terms, it's the second most recognised Irish festivals, after the St Patrick's day, the world's longest running Oyster Festival.

The European flat oysters are left to grow for three years in Brandon Bay and Clarenbridge, to be given away for everyone in this day, accompanied with the pints of the dark good stuff. The local pubs of Galway will give away free trays of the seafood and beer, heaven isn't ? Just remember why is this event once a year, afterwards you won't eat any oyster for the next year.

The World Oyster Opening Championship can start, with many tasting events and competitions. It started back in 1954 ,Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival has welcomed over half a million visitors. Every year it consumes more than 3 million oysters, all washed down with champagne and beer. All the event will be accompanied with some of the best musicians in Ireland.

All you need to attend to the festival are big pockets and huge appetite. Plenty of games for adults and kids, the natural beauty of Galway on the background. Show up , you won't regret , load yourself with a great energy, good laugh and full stomach. Cooking demonstrations outside and some of the best meals inside the great restaurants, live music and great craic.

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