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Smoke on the Water

Pleasing lakeside resort Montreux

There are thousand places in the world to visit, Switzerland is one of the most amazing countries you can possibly imagine and visit. It's a fairy tale dream alike land, where cuckoo clocks never stop ticking and where silk smooth chocolate comes from, where epic journeys and beautiful experiences can be found. One of the most beautiful parts in Switzerland is the Lake Geneva's southern shore, where the boat ride across the water tickles you. you are surrounded by pure beauty, magnificent lakes and mountains accompanied with urban chic.

Montreux calmly nestles in the sheltered Lake of Geneva bay, with a breathtaking backdrop of snow covered Alps and surrounded by juicy vineyards. The climate is extremely good and mild, so that's why it has earned the name of the capital of the Vaud Riviera. Montreux seems like a dream come true, a real paradise, fulfilled with palm trees and pines, besides it was the dream land for famous such as Charlie Chaplin and Freddy Mercury.

The city has a border of the Lake, which is all flowered up and brings you to Chillon Castle, all way up. It's an island castle, located right on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux. It's an architectural jewel located in one of the most beautiful settings of the country, right on the foot of Alps. It has more than 10000 years of great history and stories to tell, it has always been a very inspirational place for writers and artists.

The Collision Castles also has its own wine, made with the grapes that are grown by the castle walls, the wine is called Clos de Chillon, Lavaux AOC, with red grape varieties , Gamaret and Garanoir. It's all about the quality and prestige, Chilton's wine has a history as long as the castle itself. Not to mention the Chasselas wine was awarded with a silver medal at the Mondiale du Chasselas.

The town of Montreux will take your heart away, peaceful walks along the lakeshore and beautiful Old Town, Friday morning at the lakeside markets, classic cafes and boutique shops, 13th century fortress and breathtaking views watching the Alps close by and the famous Smoke on the Water over the lake. Live your Montreux dream!

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