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Regata Storica, Venice

Voga alla Veneta

Venice, a marvelous place that was never afraid to attempt the impossible, the city that was built on water...gondolas are taxi cabs in here, beautiful taxi caps, this city knows exactly how to put on a royal spread. It's odd and very modern at the same time, very strict and close to traditions, time has passed, but not much has changed. Aperitivo itme is still served richly with Venetian tapas, lagoon seafood and Veneto's real signature a prosecco.

Venice is famous for its colourful Carnival, when the tiny streets are crowded with magicians and masked creatures. But here is also held the very ancient Regata Storica, which is the main event in the annual Voga alla Veneta. For thousands of years this very particular sport was practised in the Venetian lagoon and it has grown into a very famous and wellknown water race.

The Grand Canal will be filled with 16th century style boats, guided by gondoliers, it's a very coloured parade. It has always been a very significant and important event, one of the most important and influential in Maritime Republics in the Mediterranean. Nowadays the races are divided in four, in terms of age and type of the craft. The most exciting of all those races is the "Campioni su Gondolini" race. It's a moment when tiny series of gondolas fly through the Grand Canal to reach the spectacular floating stage located in front of the Ca' Foscari palace, which is the finish line.

Be prepared for the Venice Regata Storica than annually takes place on the first Sunday of September, participation of thousands of tourists and spectators. This is also one of the rare events where the actual citizens come to see and also to participate. Regata will be seated on the uncovered floating stalls set up along the Grand Canal near Campo San Vio, so hurry up to get the tickets, it's not just a race, it's an event that gathers together the present and the past, among the historical water pageant and all the regattas.

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