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Indian American Day Carnival

Biggest parade in New York

New York, New York, the city that never sleeps, it seems like each neighborhood has a little country in it, with diverse culture , traditions and people. In so multicultural city is just obvious to experience so many different events and traditional celebrations. Every year in September there is time for West Indian American Day Carnival, when people from all over the country arrive.

The New York carnival last for seven hours, everyone dressed in elaborate costumes marching down the Eastern Parkway, it starts on every first Monday of September. There are few pre parties going on all around Brooklyn, so people will warm up early in the morning. The culmination is the colourful parade, known as one of the most interesting and biggest parade in NY. It goes through the main roads of Brooklyn with thousands of spectators, one of the greatest festivals to end up the summer.

Attend the West Indian American Day Carnival & Parade, you will be surrounded by sounds of the reggae and calypso music, tasting their traditional goods, just cooked delicacies and experience the colourful costumes , happy faces and music vibes all around the city. You will also be able to purchase some great books, clothing, the traditional one, crafts and the food, everything that comes along with their traditions.

The fun starts already at eleven am, along the Eastern Parkway from Schenectady Avenue to Grand Army Plaza and then continues down Flatbush Avenue. It first started back in 1920's when the first immigrants from Trinidad and other Caribbean islands began their traditional celebration of Carnival in private space in Harlem. After twenty years, Trinidadian Jesse Waddle started to organize street festival on Labor Day on the 7th Avenue in Harlem, with every year more and more people would attend, until finally, it grew into something huge and phenomenal. Every now and then the parade was forbidden or disturbed, after which Carlos Lezama got the permission to parade the West Indian American Day Carnival Annually.

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