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Love for music, Vienna

stunning capital of Austria

Austria , like a bridge , standing right in the middle of Europe, with influences from South to North and from West to East, for centuries all roads have led to Vienna, artistically and culturally. Just like an essence of Europe, the country is wealthy fulfilled with natural beauty and cutting edge culture. Love for music is another goal of Austria, Sound music is a daily life in this country, which is based on the life of the Austrian von Trapp family, it has been 50 years and 5 Academy Awards, it's popular all the time, and people keep heading to Salzburg where filming took place.

Life in Austria is also delicious, a classic country side view with Alps, cows , green grass, incredible peace accompanied with beautiful and rich breakfast table. When it comes to food, Austria is the winner, try spicy goulash in the Alps and Wiener Schnitzel once you are in the city, for dessert, don't miss these two: fluffy apple strudel and Sacher Torte!. The foodies will love plenty coffee houses based on every corner of any city, they are cozy and welcoming, with wide choice of exquisite wonders of culinary. Dark aromas of coffee and homely atmosphere in all the place will be so welcoming that you won't be able to resist without going in. It's also a place to taste great wine, the traditional Heurigen, wine taverns and Austria's best known wine regions.

The stunning capital of Austria is Vienna, where the music is a state of mind, a feeling...The greatest composers come from here, they were born, they worked and lived in Vienna, the city inspired them, such as Mozart, Haydn, Schubert, Beethoven, Johann Strauss and many others. The historic churches in Vienna still play the music of Bach and Handel, so you can enjoy the beautiful sounds everywhere...instead of great clubs, there are plenty venues for classical music, it's a world apart, a very different place to experience.

Vienna is packed with imperial history, locked in the museums and sugar cake baroque churches, at the same time mixed with lively eating and nightlife scenes. Prepare yourself to attend an elegant ballet or listen to angelic tones of Vienna Boy's choir, the choice is wide and incredibly powerful, it's classic and outstanding, only few cities in the world can compare with the imperial grandeur that Vienna carries within.

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