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Cinderella city Seattle

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Visiting US probably for most of you is about Miami , New York and Los Angeles, but what about the Cinderella city Seattle. Why Cinderella? Because it was found only 75 years after the country was independent state, so Seattle has been making up for all those lost years. The beautiful scenery, good coffee, beer and plenty of arts, that more than enough to fall in love with the city. Oh, and a little details, in here buying marijuana is legal if your are 21 years old. This huge urban city is surrounded by unmatched and untouched natural beauty that keeps up with glass skyscrapers, smashed electric guitars, making shop windows looking edgier.

Spend some time in here, and you will soon appreciate the busy city, plenty arts to attend, waterside sculpture park to enjoy and blue-collar warehouse district to see. Countless museums will make your head spin, from classic American art museum to Asian and Scandinavian, Wing Luke Asian Museum and Nordic Heritage Museum. African American Museum...want more? There are plenty waiting for you to explore.

The neighbourhoods are very different, each of them has a distinct personality, some are free spirited, creative, eclectic, sophisticated...seventeen of them, find which one is yours. Here is a little guide in the main ones, Queen Anne is elegant, Capitol Hill is edgy and pretty cool, the big weirdo is Fremont, Scandinavian one is Ballard...

Seattle is one of few cities in America where the mountain and waterways are spotless clean and clear, it has it all, a great and breathtaking natural wonders and also world class attractions with countless shopping centers, dining rooms and the famous Pike Place Market. It's a mother for all farmers, the best place to get delicious snack back home, you will find the best French pastries at Le Panier, Italian pizza and American beef bun and all this accompanied with live entertainment.

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