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Magical settings of Portugal

Sunsets of Lisbon

The tiny but culturally rich and geographically very diverse Portugal is the new South experience, where you will experience golden plains and sky blue mountains. Portugal is located in South Western Europe , occupying 16 percent of the Iberian Peninsula. This country is a fairy tale come true, with medieval castles and golden beaches, amazing history, fascinating cities and great food.

Portugal is one of the best holiday destination if you are looking for sunshine and pleasant relax, the country has 850 kilometers of splendid beaches, it's the perfect destination all year round. In fact , the country has the oldest borders in Europe, with very different landscapes, a unique cultural heritage, incredible harmony and fine wines that comes within the most welcoming people. It's a tourist paradise with a high quality.

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon, the most visited city in the country, although, with half of the usual other capital fuss, the star attraction of Portugal. Once you land in here, you will immediately be overwhelmed with the atmosphere, Gothic cathedrals, beautiful museums and majestic monasteries, get lost in Lisbon's narrow streets. As Paris has the Eiffel tower, Rome, the colosseum, Lisbon is famous for its yellow trams, that strolls throughout the old quarters, just as they have done for centuries. You have a look at the town, you breath it all in, close your eyes, and the time machine will throw you back in the past, in Lisbon , seems like nothing has changed, that's the real charm of the city, it keeps its traditional melancholy in the background.

Porto at the other hand is more vibrant and also more romantic, it's the country's second largest city, looking like a tiny pop-up town, enjoy the medieval relics and ancient bell towers, baroque churches and indescribable sunsets. Porto might be tiny, but its culture is huge compared to other bigger cities, but not only. The wine, Porto is a long running mecca for wine, Vila Nova de Gaia which is near by, famous for great wine, plenty of cellars open for tastings. What else you need for a perfect holiday? Summer is fulfilled with diverse music festivals, rock , jazz and even electronic artists come to Porto, in ever piazza something is going on, it's one big Summer party!

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