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The last paradise

Bali, magic land of gods

Island of the gods, that's the nickname of Bali. It might be the beauty that surround this gorgeous land, it might be the friendly people that live in the island, or maybe just the influence of spirits, however, it's a place apart, another world, another reality, a place where you lose and find yourself at the same time. Bali's beauty is indescribable and also embarrassing, once you step on the island, you will immediately feel its heart as a magnet, it's difficult to describe it , you have to see and capture it with your own eyes.

The last paradise was discovered by travellers, it has become more than just a place, it's a mood, a state of mind, Bali. Tropical islands attracts surfers, divers and those ones looking for a peace and great resort island to truly take off their minds of daily rush. The smiles you will get in here, are the real ones, those, that can't be mistaken, the people are way too generous and genuinely warm. Bali is an essence, you will be lucky to get injected, fulfilled with very rich and diverse culture, flowers everywhere, myriad temple ceremonies held, traditional music played, dances performed, you just can't ignore all that.

Bali is tiny, only 140 km by 80 km, populated and also influential of islands around, such us Lombok and Gili. Kuta is the center of mass tourism in Bali, many married couple go there for honey moon, party people come here to club hard and also families have friendly hotels located in here, the place is growing with every second.

Ubud on the other hand , is all about culture, good restaurants and great street shops, it's just few minutes ride away from Monkey Forest and rice fields. Take your time in Ubud, the days might become months for you in here, it's incredibly peaceful and very enjoyable.

Choose your own place in magic land of Gods, Bali, it might be difficult to understand until you get in here, after you risk to stay here forever, you have been warned!

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