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Buenos Aires

Best of Argentina

Wouldn't you just love to get somewhere in deep South America, where coffee tastes great, people dance a lot of tango and non stop chaos, it's busy , it's loud, it's smoggy, but it's so worth it. Argentina, Buenos Aires. This is one of the worlds biggest capital cities, with four beautiful seasons, even though, the weather stays mild throughout the year. The city is edgy, confident and very sexy, in woman , that's all you looking for, also in the capital, it's all you need. BA is fun, a mixture of South america's charm and European melancholic twist, you will meet people from all over the world living in here, maybe that's why the people are so good looking, Germans, Spanish , Italians, French, Argentins have no pure blood, it's a beautiful mix.

The people in here is that special, secret ingredient, proud of their city and very passionate about everything they do and say. Tango is a part of lifestyle in here, in every kind of bars or discos, that's an element you wont miss, go with the flow, just dance, you will love it. It's probably the country's greatest contribution, how they describe tango dance to the outside world? Making love in the vertical position! The bordellos are still very famous in Argentina, by the way, tango dance started in there, when men waiting for the Girls, passed the time by dancing by themselves, the dance is very intriguing and passionate. The best entertainment ever, to watch it and to do it. You will see it on the streets, in the bars, behind closed windows, it's like they can't live without it, they are literally breathing it.

Another passion in BA is the food, you will find the world in here, Scandinavian, Mexican , French , Italian, American, Armenian and so on, but not any kind of , a great food, it's maybe because of the many travellers who have fallen in love with Buenos Aires, they have dreamed to come back and have moved in here. They love meat in here, so juicy steak is must, they will grill everything, it just tastes better, maybe vegetarians wouldn't love in here that much :)

One more thing is better than anywhere else, the shopping, yea, shopaholics, you will go crazy in here, it's a paradise for you! Countless shopping streets lined one after another, all kinds, also shopping malls are plenty.

In case you are planning to go out tonight, be prepared to stay up all night, few hours won't be accepted in here, it's a city that never sleeps. Argentinians usually would go for dinner with bunch of friends at nine, moving to the bars and pubs around midnight, and going to the club around 3 am only, that's a cool hour to get in, not earlier. The crowds will be well dressed and real party animals. Remember, go clubbing as late as possible, they keep the best performances and DJ’s for later on.

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