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The beautiful isle

Taipei, the best of Taiwan

Let's go somewhere relaxing, fascinating and pretty amazing. Taiwan. It's so much more than just a green island, located somewhere in Asia. The country is bursting from adventures, rich capital Taiwan and very diverse tradition scene, it seems that it's a little too much for just one tiny island. Here you will find countless temples and the world of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism will surprise you , managing to be just as wild as every other religious.

It's a freedom feeling in here, everywhere you go and anything you do, incredible respect for human and also animal rights, this country has showed so much more than people actually expected from the DNA of Taiwan. The mother nature have been very generous with this green island, also called Ilha Formosa, the Beautiful Isle, you will experience Towering sea cliffs and tropical forests, incredible mountains that will give a great opportunity to hike and cycle, enjoying the magnificent landscape on the sides. From one, a green volcanic arcs and from the other, the blue Pacific.

Taipei is the queen of the country, it's just 300 year old, but already kicking in as one of the top cities, the capital is so unhurried but vibrant and busy at the same time. It was a while until Taipei found itself and started to feel as something more than just a city in its own unique skin. But finally , it has become something special, it's a mix of different cultures in one,Japanese, Chinese and Western influences are felt everywhere, in food, in arts and daily life, keeping its own charm and uniqueness.

The food is one of the best things in here, you can get the best of Japanese outside of Japan and the best of Chinese out of China, Taipei will provide the best dining options for you, street food is delicious, you will keep snacking on your way somewhere.

Heritage lanes, boutique centers, mountainous parks and Minnan style temples are scattered all over the city. Taipei in Taiwan is more than worth visiting!

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