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Barcelona, boundless culture

Artistic traditions of Spain

Barcelona, a travel into time machine, passing by 14th century's cathedrals, ancient walls and stone corridors of Romans and Franks under which control it has been before gaining its independence. . Barcelona is the second largest city in the country, located directly on the northeastern Mediterranean coast of Spain, with a rich history and a beautiful dining and drinking scene. Deep blue waters, sun kissed beaches and behind all that, an amazing panorama of Holsellora hills. Barcelona has some architectural treasures that can not be copied or sold, they are so unique, perfectly fitting in this edginess and chaotic beauty.

Get closer to the city center and you will discover a very alive scene, filled with endless botanic and sculpture gardens, old castles and churches. Barcelona keeps its old charm, being very modern at the same time, with musical fountains and brand new restaurants, entertaining the visitors. Gaudi has left a bunch of ingenious and whimsical creations, for which the capital is so well known to the rest of the world, of course going hand by hand with the pieces exposed by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and many others.

Spain's capital will keep you busy, it will give you full program if you are history nerd, if you love nature, jogging and picnics along the Mediterranean will be just what you need...and then there is the food scene, at any bar tapas will be served coming with good and inexpensive wine, multicourse lunches are needed in this city. Rich paella, ham, seafood taverns and chocolate shops. The locals are so diverse, just find whichever suits you, from bohemian beauties to simple and easy pubs, people are lovely and warm, willing to help you with anything.

There are thousand of reasons to love Catalans, the best thing about them is the easy going and simple attitude, accompanied with warmth. They love the life going tranquil as it is, going a little emotional about things they shouldn, such as food. They love festas, it's something that Spanish, specially Catalans, are famous for, they would start with sunset drinks and continue with hard parties until the sunrise. Once the dark comes, the city is transformed into life music room, sounds of flamenco mixes with brassy jazz and heavy club music. Countless erasmus students, party animals fulfill the local bars and lounges, that’s the time when you have to explore the wild side of Barcelona, do as they do!

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