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California dream

City of Angels

In the world, there are hundreds of magnificent, amazing and worth visiting places, just make sure, you choose the right one, analyze your tastes and what the specific place offers, or just use the intuition. California is just what you need, you will find anything in here, from sun kissed, beautiful beaches to redwood forests in the North, a Golden State of California. Don't let be fooled, California is not that young and clueless, its snowy peaks and bluffs were created million years ago, mother nature's gift to this amazing land, where natural splendors are showing off on every corner.

More you dig in, more splendor you find, hitting the road in California, the trees get only bigger, the expectations get higher and you find yourself standing next to picturesque towns with super cute beaches, making you feel small next to their beauty. Once you get tired of beautiful people lying on the beaches and the crowds, get to the vineyards that this region offers, one of the most famous is Napa, put your feet up, sip a glass of wine or two and let the California scenery spoil your eyes.

There are countless reasons why to love California, here are some, it's a vibrant mix of cultures, the entertainment programme is never ending, you can climb the mountains in the Sierra Nevada, you can smell the wildflower in the middle of desert or you can simply get rest on the golden beach coasts. On the top of all the variety of fun, there will be many wine festivals, tasting, dancing, singing and enjoying California.

It wouldn't be a proper vacation, without tasting the land's best food and drinks, California is a place in the States where the most fresh produce comes from, farmers selling their goods in local markets, organic veg. The menu in the restaurants will pleasantly surprise you, grass fed meats, veganism, urban garden grown goods or something simple or even classic, accompanied with excellent wine of course.

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