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Wonderful Bern

Taste of Switzerland

Very well known but tiny country in the heart of Europe, blessed with amazing nature, great weather, hard working people and very rich economically. Switzerland has many things and treasures to be proud of, it's also the ninth richest countries in the world, sharing borders with all time best as France, Italy, Germany and Austria, in the middle of breathtaking Alps. Extreme tidiness and silence, exquisite chocolate and cuckoo clocks, beautiful churches and "right in time" alike citizens.

Some say, there's not much to do in Switzerland, well, they are wrong, this country offers a lot of outdoors activities not to mention the great position, wrapped by the most beautiful countries. It might be a little conservative and cold, but get know it better, you might be surprised, under the rush after time and money, a beautiful soul lies in , waiting to be discovered and loved.

Many are still confuse whether the capital is Zurich or Bern, well the capital and the place that carries Switzerland's heart and the ancient treasure with an amazing old town is Bern, Zurich at the other hand is the party queen with all new and modern, hosting the coolest parties, rooftop bars and Swiss street grit. Zurich is also the country's financial centre, the wealthiest metropolis, culturally vibrant and arty! That doesn't mean that the city has the ancient center, you will so much enjoy the lake meeting the rivers, tall church steeples and old factories, all mixed up, making a great living center.

Bern? Most of the world have no idea that this picture postcard old and very provincial town is the capital of Banking country, Zurich would go so much better with that status. Berne is total love from the first sight, warm and laid back, also a Unesco World Heritage Site to boot. The old town is totally cobbled, missing only the horses and's like a fairy tale come true, you will see folk figures all over the town and 16th centuries fountains.

Alps step up from everywhere, once you get higher, you will see the spit of land touching with the Aare river, breathtaking. Once you will step on this land, you will enjoy every bit of it, every corner screams history, museums, great dining scenes and unique beauty, that you won't find anywhere else.

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