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Rio de Janeiro

Golden beaches and football matches

Covering almost a half of South America's continent, Brazil is the biggest nation in here, no doubt the most impressive one and not gonna argue, one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. You will immediately notice the dazzling country, with all there possibly can be, rain forests, red rock canyons and white sand beaches, where to forget about the other world.

It's almost an idyllic place will guarantee you any kind of adventures, whether you have a money to throw or you are on tight budget, a land that offers more than promised, rocky cliffs, Amazon forests and palm fringed beaches, crystal clear waters and welcoming and very smiley people. Lay down on the beach, enjoy the scenery and sip a traditional brazilian drink, caipirinha, and the world is yours!

Sao Paulo is the capital and center of the country, but it's not the heartbreaker at the first sight for travellers, it takes time to love this city and capacity to see beyond the smog and the harsh division between rich and poor...the great beauty of Sao Paulo comes afterwards, you will see it through the sweat and crumbling sidewalks, noise and chaos! The capital is enormous and intimidating monster, whose citizens wouldn't change the city for any other, it's like a great love, you just can't live without. Citizens of Sao Paulo are easy going and very friendly, to fully enjoy and to see its beauty, hang out with one, let them introduce you with countless art houses , theaters, restaurants, cafes and some of the best city's bistros. The clubbing scene is diverse and very alive, this city will cover every desire and taste.

You will find this place very multicultural and colourful, with communities of all kind of nationalities, 20 million people live in here, calling it their home, its the 3rd largest metropolis in the world. So , imagine, if so many different cultures are settled in here, how many great cuisines are here? 52 types of diverse cuisines, the best world class restaurants and extremely wide pub crawl, with 15.000 bars, cinemas in all kind of languages. Sao Paulo is no doubt, one of the greatest capitals in the world, with diverse landscapes, cultures and characteristics, come and experience it now!

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